We Are Family

It’s been such a busy few weeks leading into the summer silly season.  The team has been pushed to the limit more than once or twice, doing 18 hour days at weddings that are a three hour drive away, or doing two events in a day, punctuated only by coming back to the kitchen to unload, wash up and reload the van.


Feast wouldn’t be the business it is if it weren’t for our amazing, dedicated, fantastic staff.  Our youngest of the Feast family is only seventeen years old and the oldest is, well, it’s never polite to disclose a lady’s age! 


We’re not friends, we’re family.



Come back summer, we miss you...

This freezing cold weather is making me yearn for the warmer days of spring and summer and some warm sun on my face.

Last September, on what felt like the last day of summer, we hosted a party for our customers, friends, and some of the venues we work with to showcase some of our alternative menus.  It was such an idyllic evening, we held the party in the lovely, bright and airy Trafalgar Rowing Centre which is on the first floor overlooking the Thames.  The hugely talented Jane and Suzy from Wilma Event Design transformed the venue into something just a little bit magical with swathes of greenery, bunches of herbs and jars and crates of fresh fruit and veg.

We really could have been at the seaside and as the tide went out and Elkie was serenading us, we cooked up a storm on the terrace demoing a huge paella and delicious barbecue.  Our friend, Daniel, from Theatre of Wine talked us through some of their wines, and while he encouraged us to spit after tasting, it goes without saying the spittoon was left dry!

Aah, lazy, boozy, greedy summers’ evenings with friends.  Come back soon!

Venue: https://trafalgarrowingcentre.co.uk

Wine: http://www.theatreofwine.com

Styling: http://www.wilmaeventdesign.com

Music (one third of the Candy Girls): http://www.thecandygirlsuk.com

Photos: http://www.zdenekdolezel.com