Sandwich Menu

We have two typical Sandwich menus:

Sandwiches + 3 sides


Sandwiches + 5 sides

The sides are your choice of savouries and sweets below the list of Sandwiches below. Soft drinks can also be supplied.

The variety of sandwiches depends on the number of guests:

Up to 20 guests – 5 sandwiches

21 – 35 guests – 7 sandwiches

36 – 50 guests – 10 sandwiches

Over 50 guests – 12 sandwiches



  • Roast beef with horseradish and watercress on poppy seed bread

  • Ham, wholegrain mustard, tomato and salad on granary bread

  • Roast chicken with tarragon mayo on tomato bread

  • Chicken salad on wholegrain bread

  • Chicken fajita wrap

  • Turkey and cranberry on wholegrain bread

  • BLT

  • Sausage and tomato chutney on white bread


  • Tuna crunch wrap (tuna with peppers, cucumber and spring onion in mayo)

  • Tuna sweetcorn on granary bread

  • Prawn cocktail on granary bread

  • Prawn mayo on wholemeal bread

  • Crayfish with sweet chilli mayo on wholemeal bread

  • Smoked salmon with black pepper and lemon

  • Smoked salmon with dill cream cheese and rocket

  • Flaked salmon with cucumber on white bread


  • Roasted vegetable and hummus wrap

  • Greek salad wrap

  • Cucumber with cream cheese and dill on wholemeal bread

  • Mature cheddar with onion relish on white bread

  • Egg mayo with spring onion on granary bread

  • Falafel, salad and salsa wrap

  • Roasted red peppers and goats cheese on tomato bread

  • Brie with caramelised red onion and rocket



  • Lightly spiced satay chicken with a peanut, chilli and coconut dip

  • Mini Yorkshire puddings with roast beef and horseradish cream

  • Honey, mustard and toasted sesame sausages

  • Homemade sausage rolls in light shortcrust pastry

  • Cumin scented lamb kofte with minted yoghurt dip

  • Mini Peking duck pancakes with hoisin sauce, cucumber and spring onions


  • Thai salmon fishcakes with sweet chilli dipping sauce

  • Homemade individual smoked salmon and dill tart

  • Homemade individual smoked haddock and spinach tart

  • Tiger prawn skewers with green curry dipping sauce


  • Selection of crudites, with mixture of olives, cool tortilla chips and dip

  • Goats' cheese and roast cherry tomato tartlets

  • Crostini with roasted cherry tomatoes, homemade pesto and mozzarella

  • Griddled aubergine rolls stuffed with feta, chilli and mint

  • Spanish tortilla

  • Homemade individual feta, spinach and tomato tart

  • Mediterranean vegetable skewer with roasted aubergine, red pepper and courgette, black olive and mini mozzarella

  • Homemade individual wild mushroom and tarragon tart


  • Baby potato salad with lemon and wholegrain dressing (h/c)

  • Greek salad

  • Classic Caesar salad

  • Courgette and aubergine salad with rocket, mozzarella, parmesan and a homemade pesto dressing

  • Aromatic cous cous with roast vegetables and mixed leaves

  • Spinach, tomato, feta and pine nut salad

  • Chopped salad - cucumbers, peppers, spring onions, tomatoes with lemon juice, mint, parsley and olive oil

  • Green salad with soft herbs and vinaigrette

  • Paprika grilled aubergine salad with feta, cherry tomatoes, rocket and mint

  • White bean and tuna salad with lemon pepper dressing

  • Homemade coleslaw


  • Gooey double chocolate brownies

  • Individual cheesecakes

  • Cherry and almond frangipane tartlets

  • Rocky road slices

  • Peanut and chocolate chip cookie

  • A selection of cupcakes

  • Fresh fruit platter